Actually none of Simagic products work on gaming consoles.

You can use your Simagic products with all racing games available for Personal Computer.

Basically yes, although we recommend that you first check the mounting points of your rig.

Today the only product available on the market is the Simagic M10, which you can buy individually or in bundles with 3 different steering wheel models.

You will discover how, with 10 Nm of strenght, the wheel in your hands can give you all the informations and the best feeling you have never experienced before, specially if you never tried a Direct Drive wheel.

You should know most of the modern GT, Formula and Rally race cars develop between 6 to 8 Nm of strenght on the steering wheel. It’s useless to have on a driving simulator higher forces, even if you use it as training for a real driving on track.

During our many years of experience we have learned that even steering wheels of different brands must work with a maximum value of 70% of strength, as otherwise they would offer unrealistic and unmanageable sensations.

The double clutch brings an advantage in terms of practicality and dexterity, thanks to which it is possible to use the clutch on the steering wheel in any situation and with both hands.

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In some cases and situations, some of these methods may not be available.
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You can’t do it. Anyway you can contact us, explain the problem and we will be happy to support you.

The delivery is withinh 10 working days if the product is in stock.

To guarantee you a quality service and an intact and functional product, we first of all carry out a check by opening all the boxes in our logistics base.

We also use certified shipments to avoid any kind of damage during the journey.

For this reason we integrate a small commission during the checkout phase.

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