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Direct Drive Italia was born with the aim of making Direct Drive technology accessible for italian Sim Racing.

When you buy a steering wheel it is often thought that one of the key factors is the pure strenght (Nm). The truth is that the real difference is the technology installed and the sensations it transmits to you while driving.

For this reason (and for the lack of this kind of product) we decided to import Simagic steering wheels, that best meet this type of need.

The Simagic products joined the european market in 2020 and now they are available in Italy (and other selected european countries) thanks to our Official Reseller Direct Drive Italia.

Direct Drive Italia: the two companies

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Simagic is a chinese company that produces products for simracing, including steering wheels with Direct Drive technology; they can count on patented motor able to output over 10 Nm of strenght. The target of these products is to have a realistic and precise feeling and strenght output in all driving situations with all available softwares.

ARC-Team Engineering is an italian company specialized in driving simulation since 2003, selling in Italy the best and most realistic products for Sim Racing; today, the company is also the customer care of many products available through Direct Drive Italia.


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Who’s the man behind ARC-Team and Direct Drive Italia?

The answer is Andrea Rossetti. Founder in 2003 of the first driving simulation company in Italy. Since 18 years (together with his team) he works on driving simulators and promotes the most famous sim racing brands in Italy.


The results have been incredible and, to date, ARC-Team (in addition to having several divisions related to famous brands) is the undisputed leader about the support related to Sim Racing Hardware in Italy, PRE-DURING-POST Sale.

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